Police smashed out narcotics traffic net
ANNP. 18-JUN-08. Bogotá. Colombia. - Colombian National Police, PONAL, in coordination with the General Attorney Office smashed out earlier this week to gang smuggling cocaine to different countries of the world.

According to the authorities, the organization was led by Christian Fernando Borda Gomez, in charge to transport drug belonging to the brothers as and Miguel Angel Mejia Munera, good known as ‘The twins’

The operations named as ‘Operation XII Alliance’ was carried out by specials units of the Institutions during a year, pointing out that Christian Fernando, go in front of several organizations dedicated to smuggle cocaine and asset laundering at the national and international setting, in countries like Ecuador, Panama and branch of Europe.

According to the Director of Criminal Investigation Office (Dijin), Colonel César Augusto Pinzon Arana, the net had people's groups under its control in the exterior and in Colombia, where it was managed from the prosecution the drug until the internal transport to different cellars in several cities of the country.

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